Sunday, May 1, 2016

Rant: Why am I even blogging on a Sunday afternoon?

I didn't plan to blog today. In fact, I am in bed, listening to Disturbed which is just one of the rock bands I listen to when writing. For those of you not in on the loop, I write under the pen name Jo Tannah. But that's neither here nor there.

Now, why am I blogging on a Sunday afternoon? 

Several things have been ruining my day and other authors' day or week(s). Maybe longer.

One: Facebook Auto Report robot. 

Do I even need to explain this one? I'm confused about this one and have consulted many friends who are, more or less, in better positions to understand the legalese.

Mind you, I'm familiar with legalese. Both my parents were and are lawyers. My family is littered with lawyers, not to mention friends. But for some reason, this FB legalese went over my head. It gives the word gobbledygook look like a joke. For those of you not in on this latest shocker from the platform, Click Here.

Two: Publishers Closing

This is a painful subject for anyone to hear. Publishing houses, be they for the mainstream or the independent or Indie authors, these are business where people work and get paid for doing great jobs. Authors submit their works and rely on the expertise of the house staff. They lean the hard or easy way of becoming an author. When they close, it's not just the authors who are losing out, its the staff who make the houses run smoothly. The latest to drop from the picture is Booktrope. The only thing you can find on their site these days is the image below.
That's it. Nothing else.

Third: Unscrupulous Editors

This is a real bummer. No, not that. This makes me so angry. There are people out there who advertise their services and the gullible authors pay upfront from their savings and hope for the best. Some of these editors claim to have given services to bestselling novels and authors so the newbie or independent author gets pulled in. 

The result?


Yes, folks. Nothing. After the money is shelled out, the author is left with an untouched manuscript. Worse, the manuscripts are full of artifacts, the language setting is shifted to whatever or the words all mashed up into a single untranslatable mess. When the author follows up on the why of it? Nothing.


Four: Unscrupulous Authors

Yes, folks. They do exist. Mind you, I never tell names but as a reviewer and blogger, I know the names. Let me just say there are authors out there who not only mess up with the public with false works, they also mess up with editors who work hard on their manuscripts and they don't pay up. 

Worse? They never acknowledge the work of the editor and even worse than worse? They publish their works as original and thank the high heavens for giving them the talent to write an awesome piece of work.

To make things even worse? Yes, this is the fourth time I've said the word dear friends: These authors have the gall to reach out to readers and reviewers and ask them to give them "awesome reviews" if possible, nothing less than a 4 star. It would be better to make sure its a 5 Star. What is the exchange? The payment? Well, the excellently written drivel is what!

This is a post I wrote on Facebook last April 18. Note, I mean this post. It's pinned on my page. It's self-explanatory.

Fifth and final rant: Returned Books

Okay folks, I mean we all buy our books right? At least, I hope you do? I buy my stuff everywhere, not just on Amazon which I've stopped since I don't have a Kindle anymore. I buy my books from Smashwords and publishing houses. That way, I get to support the author for they make more money from there. Some of the books, we have to be honest here, are priced ridiculously high and then there are some awesome and fantabulous books which are offered up for free or 0.99 because the author has their reason. These prices are very reasonable, especially if the books are 45-minute reads or one hour reads, etc. 

But a post came to view today and I was struck dumb. I prattle a lot as you can see from when I write but I could barely think when I saw this post. I mean seriously? I have no words

What is the point to my ramblings?

Here's the thing: publishers are closing, authors are losing, and readers are wanting things for free. Let's not put into the picture those who stab others in the back. 

Folks, if everything is free, how else are the authors to survive? How else are they to have the incentive of writing their stories with joy in their hearts? 

I appreciate free books just like anyone else but to return them because of a messed up brain? What do you want? Do you want more stories or do you want this industry to die?

We have to face the music people. We love books, otherwise you won't be reading this rambling of mine. If you want to support your authors, do it properly, do it honestly, do it with dignity. Don't say you support when all the time your butcher's knife is ready to chop off the heart of selfless individuals whose one love is to tell stories.

You want this industry to survive? Support! Yes, reviews help but if you buy, please don't return on the messed up reasoning a cat can't even think of. And if you do review, please people, keep to the subject? Remember, the author did not write with you specifically in mind. 

Rant over.


  1. Oh, this is so good, Jo! I totally agree with you on all accounts. I'd also mention authors that bash publishers when they have no reason, which also makes us all look bad.

    The return thing is the most disturbing. I honestly bought books I didn't enjoy or finish, but I never thought of returning them. Let alone ever return a book I've enjoyed, and I often pay 6.99 on a novel, not 0.99... I think the policies Amazon has in place for returning books are awful. They should not allowed it for more than a couple of days for ebooks and they certainly should not allowed it if you've finished the book.

    1. I knew I forgot something! yes, add that to the list. Authors who bash publishers because said publisher messed up or did something illegal like some we know and have since closed, yes they should be bashed. I don't agree with those who do so simply because of because, especially when they don't tell the whole story. There are incidents where publishers are innocent but to thankfully, they keep their cool.

  2. Omg!!I totally agree with you!!!

    1. Sorry for the rant but it was just one on top of the other and more! This industry will die a painful death the way things are going right now. It's either we support each other or run after our tails and try to eat through it.

  3. Omg!!I totally agree with you!!!

  4. Returning a book?! At that an ebook? I would not have believed it if I did not see it for myself.