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Review, Excerpt & #Giveaway: Boy Banned by RJ Scott

When the only way to win is to hide who you are, how far are you prepared to go?
Reuben “Angel” Jacobs is one step away from giving it all up. Losing a place in the live finals of Sing UK almost kills him. He has no choice but to go home and work for the family business, even though it means giving up his dreams and proving his old bullies right. 

Corey Dixon is a rocker at heart. Being on the spectrum means that making sense of other people’s ‘normal’ is hard in itself, let alone in the chaos of a high-powered competition. Singing is his safe space, the only way he can think through the noise in his head. Messing up his audition for the live shows means his journey is over, and it’s the worst day of his life.

The judges throw them a lifeline and create a boy band from the near-miss hopefuls. Angel, Corey, and three others are put together in a room and offered the chance to sing as a group. Agreeing to become part of the new band means Corey has to hide who he is and what Angel has come to mean to him.

Is winning worth the price Corey and Angel have to pay?

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They arrived at the house a little after ten at night. The area was silent, all huge mansion houses with lots of land, randomly spaced down the road and lying behind huge gates.
“We could have this one day,” Scott commented. “Our own mansions, with Ferraris and shit.”
DK shook his head. “It’s way too quiet out here. I’d want a place in the city.”
They’d been in the car since nine, heading west out of London, and everyone had been quiet. Scott and Toby had their eyes closed, headphones in; DK was staring into space and tapping a rhythm against his leg. Angel was reading on a beat-up Kindle, and every so often he would look up to check on Corey, who stared out of the window as if he could see something out there in the dark.
Something had happened today that left Angel feeling odd. Not weird, exactly, just with a head full of unanswered questions. Corey had freaked out and then hugged him and relaxed. For the rest of the day, whenever he could he would lean on Angel or brush up against him.
Which, let’s face it, was an okay thing. Corey smelled wonderful, and he was warm and alive, and evidently needed Angel around him.
Angel could roll with that. He liked the idea of being able to help Corey navigate his way around the shit they were wading through.
Corey must have sensed his staring and looked over at him and smiled.
God, that smile. Corey was gorgeous, edgy and hard with killer cheekbones, and his eyes…. At the moment, Angel couldn’t see them in the half dark of the cab, but he could recall every tint of blue in them.
I could hold you again. I want to kiss you.
Corey looked back out the window, and Angel attempted to go back to his book. What Corey had said about a boy band only having one gay man in its makeup was probably true. Any boy band worth its salt played to all the stereotypes, and Wildcard had to be that way too if they wanted to win the public’s hearts. Sing UK was their chance to do that.
Angel knew his place as the gay in the band, knew he’d have to show vulnerability, compassion, and probably a lot of clothes sense, while Corey would be the hard one, the one who rocked out with a guitar and his gruff, sexy voice.
They were so opposite in every way they presented to the world.
Well, except for the fact that Corey was definitely into boys. There they matched.

Review by: multitaskingmomma

My Rating: (5 of 5 Stars) 5
The Multiplier Rating Takes Effect

There is something truly beautiful with this latest from RJ Scott. Not only is there such an intimate feel to the writing, the characterization of Corey was brilliantly done, I couldn't ask for anything more. In the course of this reading, I could not get out of it, no amount of distraction was enough to lure me out of this world.

Mind you, I don't like watching reality TV, much less singing competitions, not after the Adam Lambert debacle, and there have been books written, which I don't bother to read, to the effect where the setting is in the show and the romance develops between the contestants as well as the judge and contestant. That last one rang a familiar bell, it pealed madly through my memories and it made me giggle.

But this story is not about the competition at all, although it is there, front line and center. The story is about how Corey coped, how he adjusted, how he saw the world... and Angel.

Angel is the rock, the one who held the little make-shift boy band that could. He was the one who rocked the boat, made it steady, made everyone steady, at the expense of his own personal needs. He was focused on one thing and one thing only—to win the competition. Until Corey came into the picture and the rest of the gang joined in, then the target was something bigger, larger than life.

Corey as a character, there are a lot of things going on here that made me cringe, weep, sympathize and nod my head in agreement. There were also a lot of things I learned, things one never reads in text books, or learned in seminars. Things only someone very familiar with the situation can recount with such vivid clarity, it is spectacular.

RJ went over and above this one, I love her works and am a huge fan. I think everyone knows this, but this... Boy Banned... This.

I couldn't recommend this book more and seriously, just the second time this year I can honestly say, multiply the rating by five and there you have it.

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My goal is to write stories with a heart of romance, a troubled road to reach happiness, and most importantly, that hint of a happily ever after.

I've has been writing since age six, when I was made to stay in at lunchtime for an infraction involving cookies and the mixing bowl. You can't tell a six year old not to lick the bowl!

I was told to write a story and two sides of paper about a trapped princess later, a lover of writing was born.

As an avid reader myself, I can be found reading anything from thrillers to sci-fi to horror. However, my first real true love will always be the world of romance. I love my cowboys, bodyguards, firemen and billionaires (to name a few) and love to write dramatic and romantic stories of love and passion between these men. (Yum)

With over 90 titles to my name and counting, I am the author of the award winning book, The Christmas Throwaway, which was All Romance Ebooks best selling title of 2010.

I'm also known for the Texas series charting the lives of Riley and Jack, and the Sanctuary series following the work of the Sanctuary Foundation and the people it protects.

I'm always so thrilled to hear from readers, bloggers and other writers. Please contact via the following links below:

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