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Blog Tour, Review, Excerpt & #Giveaway: Collateral Damage by JT Cheyanne

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Fleeing the questions and horrific memories in Miami-Dade, Trevor Garrett accepts a deputy position in the small town of Rolling Fork, Mississippi. Plagued by anxiety attacks and an abhorrence to being touched, Trevor rebuffs his best friend’s attempts to set him up. He has no desire for any type of relationship; until the local golden boy strolls into his line of sight at the neighborhood dive…Logan Andrews just wants to take care of his mama. After years of serving his country in the Army Special Forces, Logan resigns when he learns his mother is suffering from advanced stages of Alzheimer’s disease. A night out with old friends turns heated when the newest deputy in town catches his attention…When a sexually deviant killer sets his sights on the gay men in the area, Trevor is assigned the case. In a wicked twist, all evidence points to Logan. Can Trevor’s past be repeating itself? In a race against a killer, Trevor struggles to overcome his own insecurities and clear the man whose touch sets him on fire. Will he succeed or will their budding relationship become Collateral Damage?

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Review by: multitaskingmomma

My Rating: 5 of 5 Stars

Collateral Damage is such a fitting title to this incredible story of star crossed lovers. Before you go gaga over that and not read this story, hold up. Stop. 

The romance between Trevor and Logan had their own set of troubles. Logan was quite open with his attraction to Trevor but Trevor had a huge load on his shoulders. Each man's past comes knocking on their present lives but one worse than the other. 

Because of a horrific trauma, Trevor moved to his best friend's home town to get away from it all. He had a reason though he never told anyone. As a first rate detective, the cases he meets up in this town are not really something he can brag home about. Then again, when he's called in to investigate the horrific death of a beloved son of the community, things got a little out of hand.

Logan is back home to take care of his mother diagnosed with Alzheimers. As a former Special Armed forces man, he thought he could do such a simple thing as be the dutiful son. He does not contend with the pain of seeing his mother deteriorate right before his eyes and sought to keep comfort in the arms of a man he thought was just perfect for him. When a murder in town comes knocking on his door, well, things got a little bit out of hand.

In the middle of their personal problems, there is a side story and that is really where my heart fell. This side story, I won't reveal what, is the love that meets a drastic end and it affects both Logan and Trevor years later. 

I don't know, but I just loved this side story and to be honest, I would skip past pages of the present and go on to the flashback because it was that one that caught my heart and mind. I bawled huge when I found the why and what nots, though I could not hate JT Cheyenne for doing it. In the end, I may love the romance between Trevor and Logan but my heart is taken by that little side story that I cannot seem to forget or let go of. This is, as usual, a Cheyanne that makes you cry and think and then wonder over the what ifs. 

Overall, this is highly recommended for those who love a great story told in a most unusual way even if it breaks your heart.


Forty-five minutes later, he lay back on the bench press. Sweat slicked his body and his muscles sang with adrenaline. For the first time since arriving in Mississippi, Trevor felt something other than apathy. Disappointment dwelled in his gut. He refused to attribute it to the fact Logan had not shown up. He was at the gym to work out, not scope out the local hero. And, there was the fact he still hadn't asked questions about the missing tractor.
Trevor closed his eyes and huffed out an agitated breath. Screw that. Logan was exactly why he was there and it was downright frustrating the man hadn’t appeared. Without opening his eyes, Trevor reached up and closed his fingers around the barbell. He sucked in air for the initial lift.
“Didn’t anyone ever tell you not to lift without a spotter?” Trevor’s eyes popped open and the air rushed from his lungs. Logan’s sexy drawl was enough to make a man’s knees weak, but with his ‘package’ displayed in skintight biker shorts mere inches from Trevor’s suddenly dry mouth, he floundered as if pole-axed. Logan grinned, obviously aware of the effect he was having on Trevor.
Trevor swallowed. “So, spot me,” he rasped. If possible, the mischief in Logan’s electric blue eyes intensified. He shifted position. Powerful thighs bracketed Trevor’s head. Logan squatted, back straight and hands on either side of Trevor’s on the cool metal. The position put the enticing bulge directly in Trevor’s line of sight. All thought of weights and lifting vanished. He licked his lips and wondered at his body’s fierce reaction to the man. Under the guise of adjusting his grip, he brought their hands into contact. No revulsion, no panic, just unadulterated lust.
“You’re buying me dinner tonight,” he blurted. Logan’s eyes went hot and hungry. “And, I expect a bit of…” The pause pissed Trevor off. He was a fucking man; the emo shit had to go. “I expect entertainment of the sexual variety.” A predatory look passed over Logan’s handsome face.
“Then, I suggest we get the workout done and make early reservations,” the man stated and forcibly lifted the barbell free of the rests. The reps passed in a blur, and they switched places. He mimicked Logan’s earlier pose and nearly came in his loose basketball style shorts when Logan’s hand—slipped. The brush of knuckles against his cock sent pure electricity flashing into Trevor's brain. He glanced around the room at the other men. None paid them any attention. It was the nature of the gym. Spotters and lifters were symbiotic and no one gave a second thought to stray touches or contact.
By the time Logan finished his workout, Trevor felt like a beginner training with a power lifter. The man knew his way around a set of weights and a barbell. Mostly, Trevor watched Logan while he cooled down. It only served to heighten his lust. Trevor didn’t know what it was about Logan that pulled at him, but he wasn’t fighting it. He hated the icy numbness he’d been living with, but even more he detested the fear and anxiety that overwhelmed him at another’s touch.
As if sensing his regard, Logan locked eyes with him. His broad shoulders bunched under the weight suspended across them. Massive quadriceps bulged when Logan squatted and returned to his six foot, four inch height. His shirtless torso gleamed with sweat. The eight pack of solid muscle clenched above the gorgeously defined V muscles pointing toward his crotch. The Mississippi sun had nothing on the heat Logan was putting off. Trevor was drowning in the waves of it.
Abruptly, he stood to relieve the tension in his shorts. The towel across his shoulders slid off his shoulders with a tug to cover the growing bulge. He edged closer to Logan who still sported the massive weight. Determined brown eyes met mesmerizing blue.
“Pick me up at six-thirty. I’ll make reservations for us in the city. Come prepared for an all-nighter. It’s been a while for me,” Trevor ordered, using up the last of his composure. The heat pouring off of Logan’s sweaty body intensified the arousing aroma of the man’s skin. So much so, it tied Trevor’s gut in knots. If he didn’t get his ass out of the gym, he was going to out them both right there on the spot.
Logan’s eyes and nostrils flared, sensing Trevor’s undisguised arousal. “I won’t be late. Business casual?” Trevor nodded and walked calmly toward his bag and the front doors. He felt Logan’s intense gaze every step of the way. His balls tightened and he gave in to the urge to bend over and give Logan a good long gander at his ass. Heavy weights crashed against the mats followed by an animalistic growl. Trevor grinned at his Nike bag, zipped it and left the building without looking back.

About the author

#1 Best Selling Author of Grand Slam, J.T. Cheyanne is a genre crosser who writes romance and paranormal in the m/m and m/f genres. J.T. Cheyanne resides in the beautiful state of Alabama. J.T. lives with her two sons and daughter. An avid reader since fourth grade, she has only just started writing her own stories. She also has several works published with her co-author, V.L. Moon.

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