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Review Request: DSP Daily Dose: A Cobra's Charm (2016 Daily Dose - A Walk on the Wild Side) by Meghan Maslow

A Cobra's Charm (2016 Daily Dose - A Walk on the Wild Side)
Published June 1st 2016 by Dreamspinner Press
A story from the Dreamspinner Press 2016 Daily Dose package "A Walk on the Wild Side." Jiri’s life has been one misery after the next. A cobra shifter, he’s held captive by a collector who keeps him—and other shifters—in a private harem-style “zoo” in the Libyan desert. Considered a dangerous predator by the other shifters, and little more than a boy toy to the collector, Jiri is friendless, timid, and despondent. Miksa is the collector’s latest find. But honey badgers are known for their bad attitude, fearlessness, and fighting spirit. Miksa has no doubt he’ll escape, even if it means taking the whole zoo down with him. When honey badger and cobra meet, there should be instant enmity—after all, honey badgers eat cobras—yet both men find themselves oddly drawn to the other. Romance blossoms, but can it survive captivity and beyond? In order to do so, Jiri will have to find a strength he doesn’t know he possesses and Miksa will have to open a heart long closed to anyone except his immediate family.


“Do cobras kiss?” Miksa asked.
Jiri huffed. “How would I know? Each other? Likely. Othersss? I cannot imagine.”
“You’ve never kissed anyone?” The honey badger’s eyes turned molten.
Jiri froze. He knew that look. For the first time in his life, he wasn’t afraid. He... welcomed it.
“Is that a no?” the honey badger asked, his voice dropping in pitch.
Jiri shook his head, feeling like it was separate from his body. Who would be foolish enough to kiss a cobra? Against his will, his gaze dropped to the honey badger’s firm lips. What would they feel like against his? Heat raced down his spine. He shivered. If only....

Review by: multitaskingmomma
My Rating: 4 of 4 Stars
(Based on Short&Light Read Category)

Reading a short story is a delight especially when it is well written, well thought out, intriguing, fast paced and leaves this reader smiling. This is what I like about A Cobra's Charm.

Now wait, you all know I adore snakes right? RIGHT! I hate them with a passion and scream the community down when I see it but it doesn't mean to say I can't appreciate their charm especially if its in the form of Jiri.

Jiri is a cobra but he'd been taken at a very young age and defanged. If that were not enough, his eyes are masked so he can't charm his way out of the prison he grew up in. To make matters worse, they placed this thing round his neck that makes it impossible for him to shift. Now, take all those bad things and lump them up to a daily abuse in the hands of his warden who is delusional enough to think he's a calif of some sort. Jiri is trapped in a situation he has no idea how to get around from. Until the head man, or collector, makes the mistake and brings in, wait for it: A Honey Badger.

Now, if you were an idiot, like this calif wannabe is, you wouldn't know what a honey badgeroo is. Prolly think its some sort of cutesy little badger in the shape of winnie and poohpoohing over honey. Well, chaos awaits the prison when Miksa is captured. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go to YouTube and find out what this hunkyroo of a badger is really like then go and get this book for that opens your mind to the impossibilities made possible by Miksa.

Miksa sees Jiri and Jiri sees Miksa and a romance inside a prision compound is born. Chaos rules!

Overall, I won't tell you what I read, for that would be mean to this short story. Just know, it is chaotically intriguing seeing, er sorry, reading a cobra and honey badger kiss knowing that the two are not made to fall for each other. The circumstance brought them together and Jiri, well, his charm takes over and heads rolled.

Go read!

About the Author

Her initials say it all. . .

Meghan Maslow is truly a rare breed. No, not a unicorn (although that would be sooo cool). She’s a. . . gasp!. . . extroverted writer. It may seem counterintuitive that as someone who is energized by people, she spends most of her time alone. Yet, that’s the case. And she doesn’t mind.


If she gets writers block or starts to go a little stir crazy, she heads to a coffee shop, a restaurant, a friend’s place—anywhere to fill up her need for human contact. It also helps that she spends a lot of time with the voices in her head. Some of them are really quite opinionated.

She loves writing gay romance because she’s a sap for a happy ending, and she believes everyone—regardless of orientation—should be able to find books that have them.

She believes life is for living, kindness is contagious, and a good book makes the world a better place. She loves travel, reading, world music, Moscow Mules, awkward dancing, dreadlocks, her family, and um. . . writing.


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