Saturday, August 13, 2016

Weeklong #Birthday 99c #Sale Tarot Tales Presents: DIAMOND DUST BLUES by Tidal Ashburn

A struggling actress and her transgender aunt were in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now they are on the run from diamond smugglers in the Witness Protection Program. They have gone totally off grid just to stay alive.The Two U.S. Marshals are packin' heat and the women are packin' Tarot cards in a cross country race to stay alive. Alone to their own devices...Well just anything may happen. Welcome to book one in the Tarot Tales Trilogy

What readers are saying:

The amusing characters and their madcap adventure is a great introduction to Tidal Washburn. Very reminiscent of the screwball comedies - plus he has a message of acceptance (which he doesn't beat you over the head with or get too preachy about).
I couldn't give this a 5 star due to inconsistent formatting and editorial errors, but that should not prevent you from reading this.
Looking forward to more of his works. ~ Enjoyable first novel By J. Mitch Howard 

Ruby is the! ~ for a wonderful adventure. I'm not giving anything away By Latifah

It is fast paced, exciting, and entertaining. The characters are brilliant. They are witty and there’s an evened out satire going on here too.
I loved the diversity and the getting to why and what will happen next made for a thrilling read. ~ Thrilling and Suspenseful By DiverseReader 

A refreshing and engaging story :) ~ I LOVE THIS STORY!!! By L.A 

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