Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Open but NOT ACTIVE: Still Recuperating

This is a rambling blog, something that I should not be doing, but am. 

Last September 26, 2016, I wrote this post on my wall on Facebook: (note: copy/paste)

Hi guys, I'm sorry to have to announce this, but my blog, multitaskingmommas Book Reviews, http://www.multitaskingmommas.com/, I've temporarily shut it down...or rather, put it on PRIVATE mode for the meantime. 
If you've noticed, I've not been active on FB of late, and those who are not in the know, I got sick last week and up till now, my breathing is not set on automatic. I have to manually think to breathe of go light headed. #Asthmaisabitch as they say and it is so true. 
When will I reopen? I have no idea. I tried to work, but no, all the time I was typing, I got light headed forgetting to breathe. So yeah, it's difficult. I will get myself on the healthy side of life first, before I can go online and do the blogging. For now, no, the blog has not been deleted. No. It is still there, just set on PRIVATE until further notice. And yes, I can still review on GR or Amazon if I want to, on my own schedule.
As for now, if you wish to communicate, the email, FB page and this one is always open. Send me a PM if need be.
Love yas! <3 div="">
Edit: Ooops, forgot to mention. The remainder of the review requests, I will be directly posting on to Amazon and/or GR.

I thought people would understand, and they did, but a lot of them didn't. I've gotten some emails, some nice, some not so nice, some clueless. But that's neither here nor there. Point is,  I found out people actually do love the blog and wanted to find out if it's closed or not. No, this is not closed. It was set to PRIVATE for a variety of reasons, top of which is, I'm sick.

No. I really am sick! I can't work because my meds keep my brain on the mushy side and I can't read either, for my brain keeps wandering as its...mushy.

However, I've received note that I could go on hiatus, just leave the blog open.

Okay, here, it is now open. This does not mean I can keep to my commitments, but for the sake of the reviews I've left for the books of the wonderful and understanding authors, I set this back to PUBLIC so the links are still live and kicking.

Now, I'm going back to bed and sleep.

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  1. That sounds awful! Hope you get well soon. Being sick and not being able to read through it is the worst. :-(

  2. I'm sorry to hear you're unwell! I hope you can get back on your feet soon, I know how terrible it is to be sick, particularly if you can't even do what you love in order to distract yourself.
    Best wishes and get well soon!