Sunday, October 23, 2016

Open letter to multitaskingmomma subscribers, followers and friends

I Love #Blogging: 80% Recovered, Part-time Inactive, Getting There Slowly And Surely 

Hi there guys,

As you may all have realized by now, this blog slowed down to a complete stop a few weeks ago. I did put this on PRIVATE mode, but I received so many email requests to open it up even if it remained inactive. I listened and reopened and stayed out of blogging.

As I write this, I have to confess, I am so damned BORED!

Image result for tequila wormI am so used to multitasking, hence my moniker, but I got sick and was forced  to stay out of an activity I truly love. My kids put their feet down, glared and made me promise them I would cut down on my tasks. I had to be given a list, the youngest did that, and had to check boxes. On the list was blogging which, it turned out, was THE most stressful activity for me. That was the first to go on the shelf. Then, it was the reading. I sobbed. I truly did.

I am a bookworm and an addicted worm at that. Think GUSANO!

It was because of reading that my mind grew as a child and as a woman. It taught me so many things, brought me up to contemporary times as well as historical, supernatural, paranormal and all that jazz. Reading is also the one that made me get more creative, first as a reviewer, blogger, then as a writer myself. How do you think it felt having to be drugged out of mind it was impossible to read, much less think and create? I cried. I picked up my books, most ARCs and Review Requests, and I could not make sense of what I was reading.

Then, I opened the TV and tried to watch whatever series was currently popular or were tagged #MustSee, only to fall asleep five minutes into the episode and wake up four hours later. Needless to say, that was a futile activity.

What was left? Writing. Oh yeah, I wrote...two weeks later, I was still on writing...and writing...not getting far, not finishing whatever I was thinking I was writing. Yeah, that was stressful.

Image result for politic stressWhat happened next was weird. I stopped reading. I stopped watching TV series and instead watched my favorite channel, CNN. Let's leave this here, okay? I got addicted to politics and got stressed. Oh, boy.

Facebook! yes! That was the only way to go, right? Yes, great decision on my part as I had early on in my settings managed to filter lots of stuff I didn't want to see so was spared the many splendorous, malodorous, politicopinions I've had the misfortune of stumbling into. Then again, in the quiet of my corner, I learned a whole lot about people and things that go bump in the FB night, and I educated myself. Weird, for in this way, I wanted a way to get out of the doom and gloom and got...creative.

The result, I wrote two holiday reads, one a sci-fi/fantasy and the other, a holiday sequel to one of my books. Yes, I wrapped myself in holiday splendor, listening to *yikes* Christmas music in the ~ber~ months of Sept and Oct. I'll write about these new creations in my author blog right after I post this one. Needless to say, writing romance and comedy lowered the stress levels and I find myself in my current state: bored.

Image result for kids with attitude
Why am I bored? Well, my kids found out. Oopsies. Guys, a word of advise, don't mess with your kids after you promised them not to do any work. Just, listen to me: Dont. Mess. With. Kids.

So here I am, rambling, but guess what? I will post a review! yay!

Hep, wait. This does not mean the blog is 100% reopened, it is nowhere near that point yet. I finally was able to finish this one pleasure book read in...get this guys, this is mind boggling: 3 days. I'm pathetic!

A few minutes ago, I made a resolution. I won't give up, but have to stick to the slowing down. What does that mean? For me, not getting myself into a situation where my body can no longer keep up with my brain.



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