Friday, December 2, 2016

Cover Reveal & #Excerpt: Winter Roses by @JoTannah #mm #scifi #fantasy #holiday #romance

 Coming Soon from eXtasy Books
When you let your heart lead the way, magic happens.

In Kizerain, preparations are underway for Yula, a once in a lifetime Royal festivity. Everyone is excited, except Anwyll and Pedr. Prince Anwyll had always dreaded winter, but this year, he's turning twenty-five, and for the first time since his birth, the nation will be simultaneously celebrating three momentous events—his birthday, his ascension to the throne, and the identity of his chosen consort. Pedr Gardner is a talented botanist whose days are spent experimenting to create new varieties of plants and designing gardens. As a recipient of a much sought after royal invitation, he needs to present the king with a unique gift—unfortunately, he's coming up blank. When a handsome man walks into Pedr’s garden, they strike up a conversation that soon evolves into friendship and finally love. As Yula draws nearer, Anwyll has to find a way to make Pedr his.

Excerpt (Unedited)

Pedr shook his head. He couldn’t believe this was happening in such a short period of time, but it felt right. He could feel the attraction building between them and as it grew in strength, the more complete he felt.
“I’m confused,” he said. He shook his head but turned his palm up so his fingers grasped Anwyll’s. As their fingers wound together, his heart thundered briefly before settling into a warm thrum. “What is it with you? Why am I feeling this way?”
“Can’t you just accept it—what’s going on? And Pedr,” Anwyll said, tightening his grip on Pedr’s hand and making Pedr look at him again. “You’re not the only one. I feel it, too. And I like it.”
“I like it, too.” As though the words needed to be said, Pedr felt a gentle click inside him and a rush of heat swept over his mind.

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