Friday, July 14, 2017

Days 11 - 14 Congratulations AJ Matthews, Jon Bradbury, Celine Chatillon & MR Kelly @eXtasyBooks #extasybookssale #erotic #romance #shorts

Day 14

Categories: African-American, Erotic Romance, Interracial, Multiple Partners, Paranormal, Short Stories, Vampire, 2017 Summer Shorts

Charlie isn’t much interested in vacationing in Spain or in seeing a flamenco concert while she’s there. But she has let her best friend talk her into both, and when her eyes meet those of the darkly handsome guitarist onstage, she is instantly mesmerized.
A member of a secret blood-drinking race, Nikolas occupies his time killing daemons and playing guitar. He has given up on finding his soul mate after centuries of searching, and suddenly one night out of the blue, there she sit, spellbound as she watches him play.
Now all he has to do is convince her that she belongs to him and protect her from a pissed-off shapeshifting daemon Charlie never knew existed.
Reader Advisory: This story has graphic sexual language and scenes—no closed bedroom doors—or other rooms—here!

Day 13

Categories: African-American, Chick Lit, Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Interracial, Short Stories, 2017 Summer Shorts

The summer isn’t nearly as hot as what happens when Zach visits Mercedes.
Mercedes Grant is a lonely, horny widow, constantly second guessing herself, afraid of what people might think of her sudden preference for white men―until Zachary Jones comes over to fix her AC one hot summer day.

Day 12

Categories: Erotic Romance, Paranormal, Short Stories, Shapeshfter, 2017 Summer Shorts

Penny's expedition goes pear-shaped, but her wilderness guide, Wolf, turns out to be a handsome shape-shifter with an animal magnetism she can't resist.
It's bad enough the entire archeology community thinks they're "crackpots," but after her professor suffers a medical emergency, Penny Redfern finds herself alone at the dig with their handsome wilderness guide. Suddenly she has a lot more on her mind than searching for a suspected Viking longship in the Far North of Alaska. Wolf Weiss can't help but lust after the gorgeous Penny, but his sense of professionalism keeps him politely distant. Plus, it's a full moon, that time of the month for Wolf to howl with the pack. Not even the midnight sun will halt his urge to shift. He can't let Penny find out he's a shape-shifter--or can he? Will the free-spirited Penny find Wolf's animal magnetism too strong to resist?

Day 11

Categories: Contemporary, Erotic Romance, Menage, Short Stories, 2017 Summer Shorts

Wake Island, the Pacific Ocean, 1937. Liberated journalist Lynne LaRoche helps her new lover to trap the killer on his tail. When the Navy gets involved in the shape of rugged Lieutenant Greely, the heat level rises!

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